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Dealing with unforgiveness and bitterness in one clean swipe…

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Has someone ever said or done something to you for which you found it difficult to forgive them? Every time their very name is brought up even if it was years ago, it still brings butterflies to your stomach, when you think of them your heart rate increases and you can feel your blood pressure rising when you think of what they said or did. It is as though you were reliving it again, just thinking about it!

If so, it may be that you are being bond by bitterness, which is a shame… because bitterness does not even touch the person you are bitter toward, but it will surely harm you, no exceptions. Bitterness is a monster which turns on its creator and causes internal damage beyond compare…an internal poison eating its way out!

The bible calls bitterness a root and this describes exactly what bitterness is in people’s lives, because once you give bitterness a place in your life, once bitterness becomes a strong hold in your life, it digs deep, becoming the source and origin of many wrong beliefs, patterns of behavior and actions. Bitterness is the doorway for many more destructive thought and feelings.


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