South West, Nigeria


Poems n Quotes


It is best for us not to start
For I really do not want another heartbreak dose
You are not a  finisher? Kindly let us stay apart
This door is special, I do not want to close

I want to appeal
Defend me, be my knight
Help me dear boyfriend to heal
Do it heartily, if it has to take you from day to night

I told you I have been hurt lamentably 
Going through that path again will destroy my emotion
I plead, dote me differently and beauteously
This conditional love can lead to destruction

This is the last door that is open
I really want my forever to start and end in there
Closing it will denote everything will mishappen
Let me trust you afore we move an inch from here

Can I leave this door open for you alone?
Can we go on ‘staying love’ odyssey?
Will you tread softly the path to my sempiternally zone?
Stay with me and I will hand over to you the master key

(c) Ifedolapo

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